Spiritual Counselling & Coaching

Spirituality is a study of transpersonal aspects of human beings (the ‘being’ part) as opposed to personal development (the ‘human’ part). Spiritual development includes spiritual intelligence which is a part of multiple intelligences (musical, kinesthetic, mathematical, linguistic, and so on).

The purpose of spiritual development is to enhance and develop your consciousness as well as experience spiritual awakening or enlightenment and mystical state of non-dual oneness (unio mystica).

Spiritual Companions Promise

Listening With compassion, discretion and respect I will reassure and support you through careful listening, seeking fully to understand your personal story and circumstances.

Your Spiritual Journey We may talk about your spiritual development, exploring that you are on a life-long journey developing heart and mind, compassion and consciousness.

Spiritual Connection We may explore together the ways in which you can best develop and deepen your connection with the wonder and energy of life.

Silence and Meditation We may take some quiet time together; meditation can be healing, reassuring and supportive.

Practical Spirituality & Wellness

I’m completing now my diploma course in Practical Spirituality & Wellness which is the first UK, Ofqual accredited vocational diploma course in this discipline.

Practical Spirituality & Wellness


Wellness is a general term that describes personal wellbeing and health and is opposite of illness. When we feel well and healthy – we flourish and thrive. There are many aspects of wellness and health and spiritual development and spiritual intelligence is one of them. The spiritual development offers a perspective on one’s life that can boost one’s health and wellness.


One of many definitions of stress is that anything that you don’t enjoy or find upsetting can be a stressor. Stress is a root cause of many emotional and health problems as well as work-related issues. Recent studies suggest that stress causes inflammation and inflammation can be a factor in up to a 3rd of cases of severe depression (2018, Bullmore). There are many solutions to build resilience to stress. Spiritual development and meditation are two of them.

As a spritual comapnion I:

Enable safe and sacred space.
Provide a non-intrusive, welcoming, healing and holding presence.
Listen with care and enable people to clarify and own their own spiritual development.
Can assert clear boundaries and intervene, when appropriate, to stop abuse.
Celebrate diversity and welcome the fact that there are many different paths of spiritual development.
Am an engaged citizen, actively dedicated to social and ecological health and honouring the spirit in all beings.
Am aware of local resources.
Know my personal and professional limitations and are able to refer appropriately.

Core Spiritual Development Aspects

Connection Regularly connect with and experience the wonder and energy of existence.

Peace of mind By regular mediation or silence you’ll learn how to manage your spiritual growth to find peace of mind and reduce stress.

Care and compassion Caring for others triggers a feedback loop of wellbeing that nourishes your own body and soul.

Core Skills Are grounded and centred in our bodies; embodied and in hara. Can pause, still at will and become mindfully present. Aware of the subtle sensations of connection. Witness with compassion, in silence when appropriate.

Reflection Self-reflect and manage our behaviour, health and development with compassion, love and wisdom. Are emotionally literate and transparent about our own processes. Are in ongoing relationships and groups of peer support, actively seeking and welcoming feedback from others. Understand that there are psychological challenges that occur as the everyday self emerges into spiritual consciousness. Can take responsibility, apologise, forgive and receive forgiveness. Appreciate that all life is in a continual process of emergence and are comfortable with unknowing. Possess an appropriate sense of humour.

Tapping, EFT (emotional freedom technique)

Tapping or EFT (emotional freedom technique) is one of the simplest, easiest and most effective techniques for releasing stress, trauma and anxiety as well as managing your emotions.  Read more about my tapping sessions I offer in London

About Jan

Jan Cisek is a spiritual counsellor, coach and meditation instructor with over 30 years of experience in spirituality and wellness.