Spiritual Counselling & Coaching

Spirituality is a study of transpersonal aspects of human beings (the ‘being’ part) as opposed to personal development (the ‘human’ part). Spiritual development includes spiritual intelligence which is a part of multiple intelligences (musical, kinesthetic, mathematical, linguistic, and so on).

The purpose of spiritual development is to enhance and develop your consciousness as well as experience spiritual awakening or enlightenment and mystical state of non-dual oneness (unio mystica).

Practical Spirituality & Wellness

I’m completing now my diploma course in Practical Spirituality & Wellness which is the first UK accredited vocational diploma course in this discipline.

Practical Spirituality & Wellness


Wellness is a general term that describes personal wellbeing and health. When we feel well and healthy – we flourish and thrive. There are many aspects of wellness and health and spiritual development and spiritual intelligence is one of them.


One of many definitions of stress is that anything that you don’t enjoy or find upsetting can be a stressor. Stress is a root cause of many emotional and health problems as well as work-related issues There are many solutions to build resilience to stress. Spiritual development and meditation are two of them.

Tapping, EFT (emotional freedom technique)

Tapping or EFT (emotional freedom technique) is one of the simplest, easiest and most effective techniques for releasing stress, trauma and anxiety as well as managing your emotions.  Read more about my tapping sessions I offer in London

About Jan

Jan Cisek is a spiritual counsellor, coach and meditation instructor with over 30 years of experience in spirituality and wellness.