Multidisciplinary Design

Multidisciplinary design is the future of design and branding

Multidisciplinary design is the future of design and branding

Multidisciplinary thinking is vital to keep any brand in the forefront of customer’s purchasing thoughts. Attention to detail is the key to multidisciplinary design. Broad spectrum of expertise in different disciplines is another key aspect.

People are different – multifaceted. That requires to develop your core brand identity and your image/s in a multidimentional way. We’re looking at the difference between brand identity and what is called brand image. The same identity crystallizes into multitude of perceptions depending on place, social milieu, personality or mood. For example, Ms Consumer is walking down New Bond Street in London. She feels successful and seductive, or wants to; she buys an ensemble at Christian Dior. Or she’s a little depressed, feel like a victim, not at ease with herself; Prada offers her the refuge she needs. She’s at the top of her form physically and mentally, exuberant, in love with life; Loewe can provide her with the product that reflects Spanish energy and joie de vivre. A few days later, feeling a little guilty about all the money she spent, she feels she needs to find a bargain, a product she’ll use every day, in good taste and at a reasonable price; she goes to Max Mara and to sooth her shopping-tortured feet, buys a good pair of Ferragamo shoes. In this example, all the images are aimed at the same consumer, who will choose one or the other according to her mood. Consumers have become multifaceted, very difficult to catch in the net.

Multidisciplinary design includes every aspect of design process from conception to development to production or publishing to distribution. I offer all these distinct aspects of any successful branding in one seamless process. Please email me or call me to find out more: +44 7956 288574.


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"Jan was able to take my author words and translate them beautifully into an incredible illustrative cover. For weeks after finishing my latest book, I struggled with my cover design and met a couple of designers, none of whom were able to get images that worked. Jan and his team created a single piece of original artwork for the front cover that has proved to be a fabulous image of a mother and her children and her plea for balance that has really resonated with my readers. In addition, he designed a back cover that incorporates the central themes of justice and law which are critical components of Grace's narrative. Jan designs incredible covers that will convey to any audience the writer's message. Here's to Grace and every mother's journey on the red carpet!" Dr. Paula G. McGrath

“Branding is the most important aspect of business. 

Whether the business is a bank or a toy shop, it is the brand itself that will dictate whether it succeeds or fails. Brand success equals business success.”
Matt Haig, Brand Royalty